My Journey

Began with a love of life-long learning, and developed from an innate strength to attune to people from deep listening- while as an apprentice hairdresser. To my pathway today, which has been filled with much lived experience of adversity, grief, change and loss and years of professional post-graduate study.  My mission is to live and lead with integrity. My core values reflect being a curious, creative and compassionate trauma-informed therapist.

My philosophy is to simplify things, break them down into bite-size chunks, my kind of progress is ‘Step by Step’. I have witnessed the overwhelm of humanness, and that sometimes all that is manageable is just to get through this day, then it could be this week, then this month. My hope is to guide people on their self-healing journey, to build upon their resourcefulness, exploring their past survival strategies and identifying strengths, to create space to experience other ways of being.



My aim is to practice Trauma Informed Care (TIC), which recognizes the impact of traumatic experiences on the individual, and not further exacerbating or repeating these experiences in whatever way possible.

It is how we restore safety, power and worth.


My objective is to deliver TIC, with a commitment to trauma awareness, and by understanding the impact of intergenerational trauma and oppression.

To follow through in every interaction to ensure the least possible harm, using a trauma-informed perspective.


My values held,  embrace integrity, unconditional positive regard and humility. I value that every individual has a story to tell, that needs to be witnessed and validated.

Empower with Predictability

People with the lived experience of trauma, complex PTSD and significant adverse life events often prefer predictability over surprises, because it feels safer.


Understand the Impact of Trauma

Taking the time to deeply listen, while realizing the widespread impact of trauma, and unique pathways for evidence-based recovery via accelerated and intensive therapy.


Inclusion & Diversity

Establishing an atmosphere that fosters equal access and opportunities for all. Acknowledging the diverse range of trauma experiences, and that there are no “right or “wrong” events that may cause trauma. Big “Ts” and Little “Ts”, acute, complex, developmental, intergenerational, repetitive, and vicarious- They all matter.


Independence- You are the Expert!

Ultimately, You are the best expert in Yourself! I can guide you to identify where to start on your Trauma Healing goals: training the brain, finding safety, self-regulation, finding your power, using your senses, connecting into your body, overwhelm to simplicity, inner child healing, healing grief, boundaries & filters, avoidance to presence, chaos to calm.

Today you can start from living in the Past to the Here & Now.

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